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polythene pam

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Polythene Pam! We’re an upbeat, whimsical, quirky queer folk punk girl band. Think TMBG, Violent Femmes, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Magnetic Fields, and a dash of Beatles in a big ol’ eclectic, catchy, musical stew!

Life as a trans/queer person can be tough;  sometimes you just gotta laugh, dance, or break into song.  We tell the stories queer folks don't hear enough: funny stories, absurd stories, and introspective stories on the downright bizarre events we experience.  We all journey through a world which doesn't always provide way for us to fit; but at least we can sing along.

Enjoy! 😀🎵🎶❤️

Upcoming 2019 Shows!

May 18th at White Horse Inn, Oakland

June 1st at the Santa Cruz Dyke Trans March

June 7th at The Lost Church, SF

...and more on the way!

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